The company's marketing policy is aimed at thorough market research, regular identification of its needs, and analysis and monitoring of sales. We value creative methods in organizing advertising campaigns.

Extensive experience with different categories of goods and large international companies allows us to be real experts and help partners in the promotion of goods in a qualified manner.
We work for the result: our goal is the development of the company's brands, to increase sales, and to expand the circle of consumers. We make communication between the consumer and the brand as interesting, understandable, and mutually beneficial as possible.

The marketing department is engaged in the promotion of brands and the implementation of a full range of services for the manufacturer's marketing initiatives, which includes the development of the concept of an advertising campaign, and control at all stages of the implementation of promotional events. The marketing department has a team of merchandisers who constantly carry out a set of window dressing activities, putting our products in the first and most visible places for buyers, and they also control price tags.

Our Advantages

The company systematically conducts the following activities to increase brand awareness:



Scheduled monthly brand tastings, so that each client is convinced of the quality

Over 60 vehicles and over 5K retail outlets to attract new people

иконка машинки
иконка хранения

BTL promotion

Direct communication with customers for closer cooperation and brand recognition

иконка люди
иконка сети
иконка машинки
иконка люди

Effective advertising allows to find out the advantages of the company in all its glory

Placement of information about
the company and partners on advertising media throughout
the country

We are guided by social responsibility in the preparation of targeted programs

on TV and radio

Outdoor advertising


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