Our advantages

We are interested in reliable partners who are in a constant process of improvement, strive to develop their business with the help of exceptionally high quality products at an affordable price.


Our logistics allows you to deliver your own vehicles to retail outlets. Delivery of the goods is carried out within 24 hours from the moment of receipt of the order from the client.

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It should be noted that the company "Faiza" has its own multi-profile warehouses for various storage conditions of post-delivered goods.

Minus deep-freezing chambers with a volume of 1000 m3 with a modern air cooling system, which are ideal for storing goods with a long shelf life: Plus chambers with an area of 2000 m3 for storing margarine, oil, fat and dairy products, fish preservation, as well as seasonal tropical fruits.

Dry warehouses for the storage of confectionery, pasta, baby food with an area of at least 2500 m3

Mini warehouses located on the territory of wholesale sectors contribute to more convenient and profitable work with wholesale customers


Faiza covers more than 40 cities and monthly in 3 regions with its own branches of more than 6K outlets.

Wide distribution opportunities give us a favorable ground for successful distribution

Sales Department

Modern Sales Department with advanced automated sales system. More than 100 professional employees work in the Sales Department,
they achieve efficiency and high-quality performance of work and determine the constant technological improvement of the production system


Fleet with more than 60 vehicles with a load capacity of 800 - 5000kg, from navigation

Financial stability

Dynamic growth, achievement of targets, financial stability? Factors that inspire confidence among our partners.


The company's marketing policy is aimed at thorough and in-depth market research, analysis and monitoring of sales, while highlighting creative methods in organizing participation and organization of events, tastings, targeting advertising content promotions for customers, and a wide range of promotional events.

Individual approach

An individual and professional approach in the development of the partner channel of individual groups of the sales team to each Brand - this and much more makes it profitable and promising.